You May Want to Sit Down Before Reading This

A piece of news information that may very well be the most shocking thing you hear all week: Viewership for the NHL All-Star Game was down. Waaaaaay down. 76 percent down, to be exact.

I know what you're thinking: "But Biff, Gary Bettman, in all his infinite wisdom, moved the game to a cable network that many people in the U.S. can't watch and to a night where it would be up against the most watched program on television. How could such a thing have happened?"

Remember, back when the NHL was on ABC, when the league had the All-Star game on the same day as the NFL Pro Bowl? Back when Bettman was at least able to make it appear as though he might be able to try to attract casual fans? The sad thing is, Bettman could have easily moved the game to today, a Sunday with no NFL and no other major sporting events, on NBC, a nationally broadcast network.

Gary Bettman sucks at his job almost as much as I do. And I suck at my job pretty bad. Just ask my boss.


DCSportsChick said...

Speaking of watching NHL on TV, when's the next Caps Blogger outing?

CapsChick said...

Ah, she makes a good point...you know, we're playing the flightless fowl next week - wasn't that going to be a possiblility?

Such a bad organizer, sheesh! ;)

Biff said...

Jeez. You people are out of control. Rest assured, I'll have an announcement for you by the end of the week.