Here We Go Again

Okay folks, its time once again for what the Washington Post describes as "an unmitigated success", the Washington Times describes as "an obscene disaster" and the Kevin Hatcher Fan Club describes as "the new dance craze that's sweeping the nation": The Capitals Bloggers Happy Hour.

This time around, we're changing up the location, moving across the river to the town of Alexandria to watch the Capitals take on the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday, January 16. We'll be meeting at Bugsy's Sports Bar at 111 King St. Hopefully, this will be a little easier for everyone as it seems that a majority of my fellow Caps bloggers live on that side of the Potomac.

The plan will be the same as last time. I plan on getting there around 6:30-6:45 wearing my red, white and blue old-school Capitals hat with Craig Laughlin's autograph on it. After that, we can all watch the Caps (hopefully) beat the snot out of the Senators and then go home happy.

As always, questions/comments/insults are welcome in the comments or direct them to kevinhatcherfanclub@gmail.com

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