Look Ma! Twenty Wins!

On the one hand, I was certainly glad to see Ovie get the ENG at the end to keep pace with the other three guys at the top of the goal scoring list as well as Crosby and St. Louis (one assist each) on the points list. On the other hand, I was really hoping to see him give the puck to The Captain for a chance to score, essentially, three empty-netters in one game. Because, really, how bizarre would that have been?

If you watched the game, or heard about it, or read the box score, you don't need me to tell you that the Caps played a great game tonight. They did everything tonight that they hadn't been doing in the first three games of the road trip, like scoring fluke goals off of harmless dump-ins and drawing diving penalties. Oh, and they also established a consistent forecheck and got lots of pucks towards the net. Not to mention discovering the meaning of the term "power play", and killing penalties with a vengeance. And Olie. He wasn't too shabby either.

And then there was Alex Semin. What more can anybody say? Both goals were beautiful, and his jubilant celebration after the second when he jumped against the glass nearly brought a tear to my eye. He is now just two off of the league lead, and there is no reason to think that he won't soon catch up to Ovie and the rest. Forget A.O. vs Crosby, I'm excited to watch the Alexes dueling for the goal-scoring lead over the second half of the year.

Of course, none of this really matters too much if they can't carry this level of play through to the All-Star Break. I can think of few things that would be better for this team than to go into the break on a bit of a roll.

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