Checking In

Hello, everybody. Nice to see you again. Did you miss me? No? Okay then.

With a weekend that saw the Ottawa Senators succeeding where the Capitals once failed (eliminating the Sabres in Game 5 of an Eastern Conference finals) and the Red Wings falling to within one game of being sent to the golf course, I thought I'd quickly check in to let you know that I am, in fact, not dead. Also, I just wanted to reinforce the fact that I am genuinely gleeful that the Sabres are out of the playoffs. Gleeful, I say!

Also, I'm way behind on this one, but I'd like to issue a belated welcome to Capital Addiction.

Hockey talk aside, I'd like to return to my regularly scheduled shameless self-promotion. Because, no matter how much hockey blogging I do, I'm still an actor. So feel free to check out these reviews of a play that I may or may not be featured in. And be sure to note the use of the word "scintillating" in the WaPo's headline.

Reviews From People That Matter:
-DC Theatre Review
-The Examiner
-Potomac Stages
-The Washington Post