Lecavalier+St. Louis > Ovechkin+Semin (For One Night Only)

I don't have a whole lot to say about tonight's game. It was one of those games where there wasn't anything specific the Caps should have done better, and they lost to a team that simply played better. Tampa certainly got some lucky bounces; their first goal where Olie got hung up at the wrong post while the puck was pinballing behind the net comes to mind, and they capitalized on them better than the Caps.

The good news, however, is the Alex Semin continues to be the absurd offensive dynamo that we all hoped he'd become. On his second goal, I pretty much knew he was going to score the moment he cut towards the middle of the ice. That's seven goals in his last four games for those of you keeping count of such things.

Also continuing an offensive hot streak was Donald Brashear. I've been saying all year that the man is nothing but an offensive machine, but I was usually joking.

In case anyone was wondering, Alex Ovechkin's two assists leave him just four points behind Sidney Crosby in the points-scoring race. If you're interested.

So, tough night for the Caps, but not altogether unexpected and certainly not one to spend too much time thinking or worrying about. Time to move on and start thinking about ripping the Panthers to shreds.

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