Fifteen Miserable Years

Rather than simply regurgitating the gist of this article by Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel, I will simply quote what may be the single best paragraph ever written about the current state of the NHL. (Special thanks to the Caps' Message Board for the heads up. They don't completely suck absolutely all the time.)

Bettman is set to begin his 15th year as commissioner Thursday, and like most hockey fans I feel the need to mark the occasion by popping a bottle of champagne, chugging the entire thing in an effort to drown my misery and then smashing the empty bottle over my temple to black out the memories.
This is why you may notice that most of my links to game recaps send you over to Yahoo!

As for me, you are welcome to read my opinion of Mr. Bettman by checking out my favorite tag, Gary Bettman is a freaking moron.

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Defdude said...

Isn't it about time we just went up to New York and beat the snot out fo this little twerp? Are we hockey fans or are we hockey fans??