Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Caps fall behind early, run into a hot goaltender and ultimately fall just short in a valiant comeback effort at the end of the game. Sound familiar, doesn't it?

Not a whole lot to say about this game. The Caps didn't do any one thing particularly badly. They could stand to get a little more traffic in front of the net, as well as sending the puck there a litte bit more often as well, but this was one of those games where the Caps lost simply because the other team played better. In and of itself it's no big deal, but once you string it together with all their other losses and this one is kind of a disappointment.

It seems like every game they play during this losing streak, they run into a "hot goaltender". I'm starting to think that maybe it's not so much the opposing goalies. It's frustrating watching shot after shot land squarely in the logo on the goaltender's sweater. Today especially it seemed every shot was hitting the Coyote square in the mouth.

A few positives though: Brian Pothier bursts out of his goal scoring slump and adds himself to the long, illustrious list of players who have scored goals for the Washington Capitals. Sutherby also breaks out of his goal scoring slump and Matt Pettinger gets his first point in a long time. Hopefully, all these broken slumps by individual players will portend a similar turn around for the team as a whole.

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