Sartorial Musings

So... I don't know if you've heard, but the Washington Capitals are switching over to new uniforms this season.

I know, I know... Please, try to contain your shock and surprise.

Anyways, I promised myself that I would wait to pass judgement on the new duds until we got confirmation that the ones that got leaked earlier this week were the real deal. As per Tarik, and now the Caps' site, we have, in fact, seen the real deal, which means it is time now for me to pass judgement...

They're alright.

I'm not especially enamored of the sweaters themselves, but I am ecstatic that they went with the stylized update of the old logo. The monstrosity of a shoulder patch is something which I'm willing to ignore. The problem is the sweater itself. Hopefully, much like with the heinous yellow pit stains on the Buffaslug sweaters last year, I'll eventually get used to the needless white panelling under the arms as well as all the garish blue piping, but if they wanted to have a mix of different colors, why not go with horizontal stripes? With any luck, once the blue pants are added into the mix it'll look a little better, as it right now is a little too much red for my taste, but with the Post article mentioning blue socks with red and white stripes, I'm not especially optimistic on that front.

All that said, these could've been alot worse. The Firebird logo with an oil can up its butt that's sitting on the shoulders could have ended up on the chest. And that, friends, would have been a sad day for us all.

UPDATE: Ack! Those socks! Also, Ack! $169.99! (In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't the slightest idea if this is actually expensive or not. I've never, technically, purchased a Capitals sweater, as I'm very good at convincing people to buy them for me for Christmas. That said, it's probably way more than I can reasonaby afford to spend. I am, after all, an actor.)


Islanders Bloggers Sent to the Box

There are two reasons I never applied for a press pass to a Capitals game like many of my fellow bloggers. The first, and most important, reason was that my blog isn't all that good or regularly updated or anything like that.

But the MAIN reason was that I would never, ever, be able to comply with the "No Cheering" policy. My brain is hard wired to make me jump in the air and start yelling any time a puck crosses a red line between two red pipes, whether I be yelling in jubilation or yelling a string of profanities. So I think this is a brilliant idea, and I'm kind of disappointed in Ted for not thinking of it first.

EDIT: Be sure to check out the Venerable Off Wing Opinion's take on the whole thing. Obviously.


It's Like Waiting For Godot, If Didi and Gogo Were Caps Fans

In a rare display of poor judgement, CapsChick elected to instant message me during the first intermission of tonight's game of the Stanley Cup Finals. The following is the transcript (edited to protect the innocent, all times Eastern):

Biff (9:18:11 PM): oh look, there's a hockey game on
Biff (9:18:47 PM): only a few more of these left.. gotta take advantage
CapsChick (9:20:36 PM): ouch...5-1 bulldogs
[Start of 2nd Period]
Biff (9:21:47 PM): i love how olczyk keeps going on about emery's "dive" yet there is no mention whatsoever of the blatant missed call when Anaheim shot the puck over the boards
CapsChick (9:22:06 PM): right? they're ridiculous tonight
CapsChick (9:22:10 PM): ...for a change
CapsChick (9:22:23 PM): did you see that save? or something?
Biff (9:22:28 PM): i absolutely can't stand either of them
Biff (9:22:38 PM): i like pierre though
CapsChick (9:22:47 PM): he's good but I miss Joe B.
CapsChick (9:22:55 PM): the other two suck
Biff (9:23:26 PM): all i'm saying is that Al "Do You Believe In Miracles?" Michaels works for NBC now
CapsChick (9:23:45 PM): and they roll out these two losers? great...
CapsChick (9:23:58 PM): I'm feeling particularly well-spoken tonight, by the way...I'm sure you can tell
Biff (9:24:21 PM): of course
Biff (9:24:36 PM): dive by Moen!!!
Biff (9:25:02 PM): in the interest of fairness, i'm going to yell that at my television screen every time ottawa takes a penalty
CapsChick (9:25:09 PM): awesome
Biff (9:25:24 PM): only instead of "Moen" i'll probably yell someone else's name
Biff (9:25:33 PM): unless it is moen
CapsChick (9:25:33 PM): uh...dive by giguere!!
CapsChick (9:25:52 PM): good plan
CapsChick (9:25:58 PM): I yell nonsense at the screen nonstop anyways
Biff (9:26:16 PM): i'd also like to work in a joke about daniel briere, just because i don't like him very much
CapsChick (9:26:35 PM): stupid french mime
CapsChick (9:27:42 PM): nice penalty kill
CapsChick (9:27:52 PM): I forgot what that looked like
Biff (9:29:41 PM): you just can't go in offsides right there
CapsChick (9:29:53 PM): that looked like the caps, didn't it?
Biff (9:29:59 PM): a little
Biff (9:30:16 PM): so you're saying the Caps look like an Easter Conference Champion?
CapsChick (9:31:05 PM): more like the Eastern Conference champion looked like the caps, which isn't good for anyone
Biff (9:31:13 PM): everything is funnier with pirates
Biff (9:31:20 PM): it's good for the ducks
CapsChick (9:31:47 PM): true, true...poor pierre trying to yell over the ottawa crowd
Biff (9:32:03 PM): May is a diver!!!
Biff (9:32:17 PM): look at him stick his arm in the air!
[Anaheim's First Goal]
CapsChick (9:36:14 PM): crap
Biff (9:37:34 PM): who was that standing in the goalmouth for the Sens?
Biff (9:37:49 PM): what's the point of standing there if you're just going to flail your arm at the puck?
CapsChick (9:39:10 PM): seriously, they've got caps-itis
CapsChick (9:39:12 PM): whoa
CapsChick (9:39:15 PM): scott stevens
Biff (9:39:51 PM): never heard of him
[Anaheim's Second Goal]
Biff (9:39:52 PM): jesus
CapsChick (9:40:00 PM): that was pretty...damn it
Biff (9:40:25 PM): oh, anton volchenkov
Biff (9:40:29 PM): that was embarassing
CapsChick (9:40:33 PM): aka gonchar
CapsChick (9:40:45 PM): I'm in a caps-centric mood right now for some reason
Biff (9:40:54 PM): yeah, what is that all about?
CapsChick (9:41:10 PM): well...I see a team sucking, it brings it out in me
Biff (9:41:29 PM): so, ummm... are they gonna send someone to the home dressing room to ask the senators why they haven't come out yet?
CapsChick (9:41:50 PM): they'd better hurry, this is getting ridiculous
Biff (9:42:17 PM): i don't get it though... they were really solid in the first
CapsChick (9:42:32 PM): they were incredible in the first
CapsChick (9:42:40 PM): calm down eddie
CapsChick (9:42:41 PM): yeesh
Biff (9:43:52 PM): "You know what I like about Getzlaf? He competes, Ed."
Biff (9:43:56 PM): what does that even mean?
CapsChick (9:44:20 PM): um...that the rest of them don't compete
CapsChick (9:44:30 PM): don't try and make sense of the commentators, it'll make your eyes cross
Biff (9:45:28 PM): say what you will about the ducks, and lord knows i have, but j.s. giguere is a damn good goaltender
Biff (9:45:48 PM): he and selanne are the only reasons i won't throw a large, hard object at my tv if the ducks win the series
CapsChick (9:46:26 PM): true, giggy's the man, and selanne's a classy guy...if chris pronger wins, though...
CapsChick (9:46:28 PM): ugh
Biff (9:46:44 PM): i have a hard time getting too worked up about pronger
CapsChick (9:47:04 PM): see, for me I just don't particularly like him, although I have no idea why
CapsChick (9:47:09 PM): the hits are beside the point to me
Biff (9:47:33 PM): that's very mature of you
CapsChick (9:47:46 PM): please - have we met?
Biff (9:47:53 PM): hee
CapsChick (9:48:24 PM): what...is...going...ON
Biff (9:48:33 PM): is that post #4 for the ducks?
CapsChick (9:48:38 PM): at least
CapsChick (9:48:47 PM): spezzzzzza...you suck. get off the ice
Biff (9:49:05 PM): if the nets were a little wider (no, gary, NO!) this game would be 6-1 right now
CapsChick (9:49:26 PM): god - that would be horrible...emery looks horrible tonight
Biff (9:50:13 PM): this is what happens when you don't face a single shot for the first 13 minutes yet your team fails to score
CapsChick (9:50:45 PM): exactly - I think the sens got a little cocky after that first period
CapsChick (9:50:48 PM): they need to stop that
[Emery makes a spectacular glove save]
CapsChick (9:51:19 PM): WOW
Biff (9:51:20 PM): i don't think emery's playing that badly
Biff (9:51:23 PM): case in point
CapsChick (9:51:25 PM): yeah, I take that back
CapsChick (9:51:32 PM): he had a crazy save in the first, too
Biff (9:51:32 PM): he's just getting hung out to dry
CapsChick (9:51:47 PM): and the comparisons to the caps could continue...but I'll refrain
Biff (9:52:27 PM): well, they have disappeared in the second period
Biff (9:52:39 PM): presumably they'll come out for the third firing on all cylinders
CapsChick (9:53:10 PM): they've been doing that all postseason, having one bad period then coming back
CapsChick (9:53:13 PM): they'll be fine
Biff (9:53:28 PM): and then daniel briere will spear one of their star players in the crotch
Biff (9:53:37 PM): there it is! i knew i could slide one in there
CapsChick (9:53:51 PM): nicely done
CapsChick (9:54:05 PM): why are they telling us the weight of that line every freaking night?
Biff (9:54:21 PM): that's for DirecTV subscribers
Biff (9:54:42 PM): there's a little known clause in the DirecTV contract wherein you pay by the pound
[Ottawa's Second Goal]
Biff (9:54:44 PM): !!!!!!!!!
CapsChick (9:54:48 PM): HELL YEAH
Biff (9:55:00 PM): heatley and alfredsson so far... it's about time
CapsChick (9:55:01 PM): hey, look - Heatley is playing in this series! who knew?
Biff (9:55:33 PM): heatley shanked that one, too
CapsChick (9:55:44 PM): yeah - wow, pierre, picking on getzlaf a bit
Biff (9:55:52 PM): deservedly so
CapsChick (9:56:16 PM): oh, I agree - just funny...it sounds like he's yelling at him because he has to scream over the crowd
Biff (9:56:37 PM): poor pierre... can he and ed olczyck switch places?
CapsChick (9:56:48 PM): yes! GRAPES
Biff (9:57:02 PM): and by "switch places" i mean "ed olczyck goes away and is never heard from again"
CapsChick (9:57:10 PM): if only wishing made it so
Biff (9:57:12 PM): crazy ol' don cherry
CapsChick (9:57:17 PM): he's a nut
CapsChick (9:57:17 PM): ooh
CapsChick (9:57:18 PM): fisher
CapsChick (9:57:20 PM): yay
Biff (9:57:20 PM): that should be fun
CapsChick (9:57:43 PM): sorry, the puckbunny in me jumped out for a minute when mike fisher was on the screen...I'm back now
Biff (9:58:24 PM): i'm gonna go look at pictures of JP's ice girl of the year now
CapsChick (9:58:30 PM): ew
CapsChick (9:58:36 PM): I'm pissed it wasn't danielle briere
[Daniel Alfredssonshoots a puck at Scott Neidermayer]
[End of 2nd Period]
CapsChick (9:58:41 PM): what is eddie yelling at?
CapsChick (9:58:45 PM): wow
Biff (9:59:34 PM): you know what? neidermayer was directly between alfredsson and the far corner, which is generally where one would dump the puck
Biff (9:59:54 PM): plus, neidermayer is a DIVER!!! a DIVER i say!!!
CapsChick (10:00:30 PM): YES! true - they didn't need to freak out about that, alfie isn't that type of player
Biff (10:01:36 PM): but you're talking about a guy who accuses chris neil of being a diver after what appeared to be a stick to the "groin" in the first period
Biff (10:02:06 PM): i would like NBC to flash a little light in the corner of the screen every time olczyck is about to talk so i can mute my television
CapsChick (10:02:13 PM): thank you! I was saying the same thing
CapsChick (10:02:32 PM): oh yeah, absolutely...I predicted on the blog today that he would freak out about at least 2 penalties
CapsChick (10:02:37 PM): so far I way underestimated
Biff (10:03:20 PM): GRAPES!!!
CapsChick (10:03:52 PM): excellent
CapsChick (10:04:02 PM): not a completely crazy suit, I'm a little disappointed
Biff (10:04:24 PM): in retrospect, alfredsson did stop a first shot and doble pumped to aim it at neidermayer
CapsChick (10:05:06 PM): whatever - a team with brad may and george parros shouldn't bitch about "gutless" plays and "cheap" shots
Biff (10:05:09 PM): aaaaaaand... we're talking about fighting
CapsChick (10:05:12 PM): of course
CapsChick (10:05:17 PM): oh, grapes is losing his voice
CapsChick (10:05:18 PM): darn
Biff (10:05:59 PM): this is painful to watch
Biff (10:06:15 PM): brett hull may in fact be functionally retarded
Biff (10:06:54 PM): and i don't mean to insult the mentally handicapped there, because it's unfair to imply that they are as dumb as brett hull
CapsChick (10:07:21 PM): that would be hard to do, to be honest...
CapsChick (10:07:33 PM): jesus christ
Biff (10:07:56 PM): okay, we get it, harcore hockey fans like fights
CapsChick (10:08:08 PM): oh, the smile on emery's face...creepy.
Biff (10:08:13 PM): everyone else thinks hockey is a joke because of the fights
CapsChick (10:08:44 PM): exactly - some fans might like it (I don't hate it) but when everyone knows that joke about going to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out, you know its bad
CapsChick (10:09:02 PM): I have a blogger friend who works at NBC sports and she's told me some crazy stories about hull, by the way
Biff (10:09:11 PM): oooh... do tell
CapsChick (10:09:26 PM): let's see - [redacted]
CapsChick (10:09:47 PM): [redacted]
Biff (10:09:59 PM): "all swedes are great soccer players"... jesus, brett
Biff (10:10:04 PM): that's actually kind of neat
CapsChick (10:10:18 PM): oh goody - football season...woo.
Biff (10:10:21 PM): i love crazy stanley cup stories
Biff (10:11:05 PM): my favorite is the time it was left sitting on a frozen rideau canal overnight
CapsChick (10:11:30 PM): you just wonder if these guys should be kissing it when they win...you know, knowing where it's been
CapsChick (10:11:42 PM): I don't care how much you clean it, some things can't be removed with silver polish and soap
Biff (10:11:55 PM): holy water is the trick, i've found
CapsChick (10:12:21 PM): oh, okay - so you've got experience with this kind of thing...you should be the keeper of the cup
CapsChick (10:12:27 PM): that would be an awesome job
Biff (10:13:21 PM): yeah it would... one of the only jobs better than "zamboni driver" i bet
Biff (10:13:28 PM): did i mention i used to drive a zamboni?
CapsChick (10:13:37 PM): um...maybe once or twice
CapsChick (10:13:40 PM): oh here we go with the diving
CapsChick (10:13:51 PM): neil's wasn't a dive - emery's was, but can you blame him?
Biff (10:14:06 PM): i love that... "you certainly don't expect that from a guy like chris neal"... so why are you assuming it was a dive?
Biff (10:14:18 PM): gah!
CapsChick (10:14:19 PM): exactly my point - he didn't dive...losers
CapsChick (10:18:04 PM): ew - I hate these commercials
Biff (10:18:25 PM): which ones now?
CapsChick (10:18:34 PM): cialis
Biff (10:18:54 PM): oh
Biff (10:19:00 PM): yeah, they're good fun
CapsChick (10:19:51 PM): I much prefer creepy smilin' bob
Biff (10:20:21 PM): that guy frightens me
Biff (10:20:45 PM): i don't care what kind of help that pill could give me, if it meant walking around like i'd been brainwashed, i'd run screaming
CapsChick (10:21:11 PM): I don't think most guys share that opinion, I'll be honest with you
[Start of 3rd Period]
CapsChick (10:22:03 PM): oh my god! it's not like alfredsson tried to decapitate anyone, let it go!!
Biff (10:22:27 PM): you must understand, the ducks, clearly, are helpless victims in all of this
CapsChick (10:22:51 PM): oh, of course - it's not like he was on, say, SKATES and could move out of the way
CapsChick (10:23:04 PM): oh, gee, a penalty they actually agree is a penalty
Biff (10:23:11 PM): c'mon PP goal...
CapsChick (10:23:29 PM): come on come on come on
CapsChick (10:23:45 PM): breathe pierre
Biff (10:24:02 PM): sounds like doc emerick
Biff (10:24:21 PM): how did heatley not score there?
CapsChick (10:24:32 PM): duck voodoo magic
CapsChick (10:26:24 PM): um...ew. "if it's wood it's good"
CapsChick (10:26:28 PM): are you freaking kidding me?
Biff (10:26:47 PM): i believe they were talking about hockey sticks?
CapsChick (10:26:54 PM): god I hope so
Biff (10:26:55 PM): i hope
Biff (10:27:17 PM): either that, or some subtle product placement for cialis
CapsChick (10:27:26 PM): hockey's a dirty game...my roommate and I are apparently 12 year old boys, too, because we giggle when they say "he couldn't get it up"
[Anaheim's 3rd Goal]
Biff (10:27:44 PM): curses
Biff (10:28:17 PM): i sat behind a novice hockey fan once at a caps game where they couldn't sustain any sort of offensive zone pressure and he yelled "girls won't like you if you can't keep it in!"
CapsChick (10:28:34 PM): ooh, dirty...that's funny
[J.S. Giguere pushes an already dislosdged net further off its moorings]
Biff (10:30:32 PM): Delay of game, ref!!!
CapsChick (10:30:54 PM): Giguere's a DIVER!!
Biff (10:32:11 PM): this is quickly becoming depressing
CapsChick (10:32:28 PM): I can't handle a Ducks win, I really can't
CapsChick (10:33:49 PM): why is zach braff doing voiceover work for Wendy's?
Biff (10:34:11 PM): i can't know
Biff (10:34:19 PM): it's kind of disappointing really
Biff (10:34:33 PM): and i don't knwo why, because i love zach braff and i love wendy's
CapsChick (10:34:53 PM): but the two together, not so much? it's just weird
Biff (10:35:19 PM): he just doesn't really have a voice-over voice
CapsChick (10:35:43 PM): no, he really doesn't - although it is instantly recognizable, maybe that's why they used him
Biff (10:36:20 PM): i think that's actually the problem
Biff (10:36:29 PM): i like it better when i don't immediately realize
Biff (10:36:38 PM): like james spader's work for acura
CapsChick (10:36:57 PM): he does voiceovers for acura??
Biff (10:37:02 PM): yup
CapsChick (10:37:16 PM): huh - I see your point, I had no idea
Biff (10:37:26 PM): listen closely next time you see an acura commercial
CapsChick (10:37:48 PM): I totally will
CapsChick (10:37:52 PM): COME ON
Biff (10:37:57 PM): get a shot off!
Biff (10:38:04 PM): for crying out loud
Biff (10:38:30 PM): who do you think you are, dainius zubrus?
Biff (10:38:39 PM): but seriously, i do love picking on the Sabres
CapsChick (10:38:48 PM): aw, zubie - it's so fun to do, really
CapsChick (10:38:52 PM): I try and do it daily
CapsChick (10:39:21 PM): wait, that sounded wrong
Biff (10:39:51 PM): who doesn't, though?
CapsChick (10:40:37 PM): true - it makes the world go 'round
CapsChick (10:40:45 PM): even giggy's getting his freak on at the bench apparently
Biff (10:41:17 PM): his freak on? are we still talking about the same thing?
CapsChick (10:41:27 PM): no idea - probably not
Biff (10:41:28 PM): cause that's icky if we are
CapsChick (10:41:50 PM): he was getting a massage at the bench, I thought it was funny
Biff (10:42:30 PM): paging jason spezza. jason spezza please report to the ice surface.
CapsChick (10:42:40 PM): WHAT WAS THAT
Biff (10:42:46 PM): turnovers are probably a bad idea
CapsChick (10:42:52 PM): you think?
Biff (10:43:02 PM): unless they are of the apple variety, yeah
CapsChick (10:43:18 PM): ha....ha...
CapsChick (10:43:22 PM): hi brian murray
CapsChick (10:44:52 PM): shit - hershey lost 5-2
Biff (10:46:10 PM): they're down 2-1 now right?
CapsChick (10:46:30 PM): yup - wow...they had 11 power plays, scored once, hamilton was 3 for 5
CapsChick (10:46:33 PM): wow emery
Biff (10:46:35 PM): if the sens lose, it is not ray emery's fault
Biff (10:46:49 PM): people are quick to question him, but he has been rock solid
CapsChick (10:47:15 PM): I think he has too, all postseason - he just looked a bit shaky earlier, but I take back my "emery looks horrible" comment
CapsChick (10:47:28 PM): game 2 he was the only reason they lost by just 1
Biff (10:47:50 PM): problem is, he's got probably-soon-to-be-two-time-conn-smythe-winner j.s. giguere at the other end
Biff (10:48:17 PM): breach was a damn good film
CapsChick (10:48:22 PM): breach?
Biff (10:48:40 PM): if i had any say, chris cooper would win an automatic oscar for that movie
CapsChick (10:49:02 PM): didn't see it...it's good though? I'll have to check it out
CapsChick (10:49:07 PM): I'm really behind on my movies
Biff (10:49:27 PM): will the puck please go in one time?
CapsChick (10:50:08 PM): um, please clarify that - into the ANAHEIM net...I tend to say that stuff and it goes the other way
Biff (10:50:20 PM): well, yeah... obviously
CapsChick (10:50:30 PM): hey, they need it to be spelled out, trust me
CapsChick (10:50:48 PM): we have powers you know, you have to be careful
CapsChick (10:50:55 PM): COME ON SENS
Biff (10:50:58 PM): i know i don't
CapsChick (10:51:20 PM): I'm pretty sure I do, but not good powers
CapsChick (10:51:32 PM): teams should pay me not to root for them
Biff (10:52:08 PM): although, one time, i didn't go to a single caps game all year, so they just kept winning playoff series until i finally showed up
CapsChick (10:52:29 PM): what is this 'winning playoff series' you speak of?
CapsChick (10:52:33 PM): it is foreign to me
Biff (10:52:42 PM): i know... 1998 was nearly a decade ago
CapsChick (10:53:04 PM): I thought about that a few months ago - they're going to make the playoffs to commemorate the anniversary
Biff (10:53:14 PM): one can only hope
CapsChick (10:53:47 PM): the year right after the lockout, my roommate and I went on a losing streak when watching games together
Biff (10:53:54 PM): i think once they trade for patrick marleau they should be in good shape
CapsChick (10:54:11 PM): oh, man - I would love to have marleau
CapsChick (10:54:19 PM): I'm just scared of who they'd need to give up
Biff (10:54:48 PM): i trust GMGM
Biff (10:54:59 PM): if there's one thing he's particularly good at, it's trading
Biff (10:55:13 PM): not so much with the drafting and the free agents
CapsChick (10:55:43 PM): he's gotten better at that lately, but yeah, trades are his strong point
Biff (10:56:00 PM): remember that time he traded for milan jurcina?
CapsChick (10:56:14 PM): that's going to go down as the best trade in history - milan's the man
CapsChick (10:56:29 PM): I remember reading about jurcina playing with chara at the worlds...now that's a scary blue line
[Ottawa calls a time-out]
Biff (10:56:57 PM): oh right, the stanley cup finals
Biff (10:57:04 PM): i'm gonna watch this right quick
CapsChick (10:57:13 PM): yup, good plan
Biff (10:58:07 PM): damn you, jean sebastien
CapsChick (10:58:19 PM): stupid straw in the stupid water bottle
[Ed Olczyck says something stupid]
CapsChick (10:58:24 PM): ...human velcro?
Biff (10:58:59 PM): you never played "velcro puck"?
[End of 3rd Period]
CapsChick (10:59:47 PM): damn
Biff (10:59:49 PM): game, set, match, methinks
CapsChick (10:59:58 PM): this is not good
CapsChick (11:00:32 PM): the only good thing about this...the ONLY good thing...is that if this series went 7 I would miss game 7
Biff (11:00:48 PM): i would miss game six
Biff (11:06:38 PM): also, i'm going to miss the draft day party
Biff (11:06:43 PM): which is depressing
Biff (11:08:03 PM): i need to find someone with a camera phone to send me pictures of the new sweater
CapsChick (11:08:23 PM): you're not going to the draft day party?
Biff (11:09:02 PM): i have a performance that night
CapsChick (11:11:06 PM): aw - well, I can take a picture for you and e-mail it, but I don't have a camera phone
CapsChick (11:11:08 PM): maybe [DCSportsChick] does
Biff (11:11:22 PM): acting and sports fandom don't mix too well
Biff (11:11:33 PM): i shall have to post a request on the KHFC
CapsChick (11:13:44 PM): good plan - I'm sure one of the OFB boys has a camera phone
Biff (11:13:58 PM): i don't know if i trust them with my phone number
CapsChick (11:13:58 PM): or you could just wait for me to e-mail you a regular picture like a normal person
Biff (11:14:03 PM): those crazy people
CapsChick (11:14:06 PM): good point
Biff (11:14:10 PM): i'm kind of impatient
Biff (11:14:40 PM): i've been waiting over a decade for these things
Biff (11:14:47 PM): and they had better kick ass
CapsChick (11:15:23 PM): I'm not too optimistic
Biff (11:15:33 PM): yeah, me either
Biff (11:15:50 PM): i've seena few mockups that were just stylized versions of the old RWBs
Biff (11:15:59 PM): which i think would be awesome
CapsChick (11:16:29 PM): that would be - the old ones are very 70s, a nice update would be good...I'm keeping my expectations low, though
CapsChick (11:16:35 PM): that's the only way to be a caps fan
Biff (11:19:57 PM): the one i saw was really nice... it was almost exactly the same, only a little more modernized... i think they need to take note of the popularity of the sabres third jersey this year
Biff (11:20:38 PM): granted, part of that was because their regular ones sucked so bad
CapsChick (11:21:06 PM): yeah, compared to the slug the islanders' old third jersey with the fisherman was a work of art
Biff (11:21:41 PM): as is the spaghetti stain on my carpet
CapsChick (11:22:06 PM): hey, is it red white and blue? maybe they could use that...take a picture, send it to them
Biff (11:22:28 PM): what spaghetti do you eat that there's blue in it?
CapsChick (11:22:59 PM): I'm not a very good cook, what can I say
CapsChick (11:27:13 PM): hey, question - I'm not going to do nicknames next season (stop jumping for joy) and I'm not sure what to do for gameday stuff...any suggestions?
CapsChick (11:27:25 PM): or are you going to keep them to yourself for use on your own blog?
Biff (11:27:29 PM): have you seen my blog?
Biff (11:27:44 PM): i don't think i've ever done a gameday preview
Biff (11:27:49 PM): i'm not that hardworking
CapsChick (11:27:51 PM): yeah, but despite your blog you're funny, you should have some ideas
CapsChick (11:27:54 PM):
Biff (11:28:22 PM): i figure you should probably just break down each game based on which team has more attractive players
Biff (11:28:27 PM): that seems appropriate
Biff (11:28:45 PM): you should wear a pink version of the new sweaters while you write it, though
Biff (11:28:52 PM): to get an authentic experience
CapsChick (11:29:26 PM): I would sooner wear a danielle briere slug jersey than a pink jersey
CapsChick (11:29:34 PM): I would sooner cheer for the penguins
Biff (11:29:51 PM): jeez... that bad?
CapsChick (11:30:32 PM): ugh...yes. and as for the attractive players thing, I do that already...just not on the blog
CapsChick (11:30:39 PM): I'm REALLY not a puckbunny, I swear
Biff (11:31:31 PM): that's fine