The Ugliest Thing You'll See All Day

Unless your team is the Buffalo Sabres.


(EDITOR'S NOTE: I have absolutely no reason to believe this is anything other than a Photoshop mockup of what a new Caps jersey could look like. I just put it here because I was bored.)


Smitty said...


Smitty said...


Smitty said...


3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

Yikes... please tell me that abomination is not meant for us.

Smitty said...

Where did you find these atrocities?

You know, if they just slapped the current logo on there and put it in our current color scheme, that wouldn't be half bad. I think you could make it look pretty badass with the black jersey's colors.

That star looks a little too much like the Dallas Stars' star and that font just looks like Arial in italics.

Why screw with something that ain't broke?