If You Live In Virginia, Stop Reading This, You Traitor

I generally try to avoid talking about politics the same way I avoid things like the plague, or Pittsburgh Penguins fans, but the issue of D.C. Voting Rights is something that is rather close to my heart. It is also an issue that I think everybody, at least around here, can agree on regardless of political persuasion.

As such, I think this is the greatest thing ever. If you live in D.C., I sstrongly encourage you to participate.



1) Its a shame that a little thing like the U.S CONSTITUTION gets in the way of D.C voting rights!

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

Actually, the Constitution gets in the way of DC STATEHOOD, not necessarily voting rights. Look it up. Getting voting rights for DC does not require a constitutional amendment. Statehood would. That's why the push is for voting rights, not statehood. Having lived in this city my entire life and NEVER having had a chance for voting representation in congress, I'm a little touchy on this one.