And I Really Mean It

I'm not going to lie. I, like the obviously-fake Caps fan I am, missed most of tonight's game. I only caught the last fifteen minutes of the third period, and even then, I had to endure the rather distracting taunts of a Pittsburgh native (one who had never watched a Penguins game in his life, no less).

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to sum up the game in two simple words.

F*ck. Pittsburgh.

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CapsChick said...

Amen to that - glad we're rid of the beasts for another season.

the deuce said...

Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 grumpy caps fans were in attendance last night. The Caps could've put this one away early. The OV to Semin goal was sweet, and we actually got a goal on a nice passing play by our checking line. But the Caps just don't have that killer instinct yet. Kris frikkin' Beech blew not one, but TWO tap-ins that my 17-month-old could have buried, and Mike Green missed an open net on a one-timer. Then the lazy penalties started, kicked off by Bryan "I'll be elsewhere next season" Muir. And the PP goal avalanche began. I wanted to throw up after the second. I still do. I just don't think this generation of Caps players realize how much we HATE the Penguins and their smug fans. Only Jeff Halpern really understood.

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

I guess we're not people who matter anymore :-)