I imagine that I am in the rather small minority that hope that this turns out to be nothing more than another stupid ploy for the Penguins to get a sweeter arena deal than the one they already have.

That said, "we have no choice but to declare an impasse and to notify NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that we will aggressively explore relocation" sounds pretty damn serious.


Caps Nut said...

Even more serious when they stop accepting deposits on season tickets.

Anonymous said...

I know it is several months later and most of you are over the disappointment that the Pens are in Pittsburgh for at least another 30 but.......
it is funny that they did stop taking deposits to save tickets for the people that can not afford the whole season...I am guessing that almost every game will be sold out this season...

While I am a Pens fan and have a dislike for the Caps...I don't hate the fans.
I have friends that are Caps fans(I live in Maryland) and there is only some healthy trash talking between us.

I think it will be good to keep this rivlary.

Personally I hope the Caps never move...partly because I love seeing the Pens here when they come to town but also because the Caps have been my least favorite team since I became a Pens fan and that rivlary might not follow to another City.