Two In a Row? Crazy!

Once again, I missed the game (acting and blogging are like oil and water), and once again I intend to attempt to recap it in my own fashion anyway. As always, this here recap is culled from the recaps you see below as well as the AP report and the box score, so anything written here will likely be a conclusion you've already reached yourself.

Big win for the Caps. I honestly didn't think they would be able to pull this one out. But they did, which is always nice. The first thing that jumps out at me as far as the numbers: Hello special teams! 2 for 5 on the power play and a spotless 4 for 4 on the penalty kill (including one penalty for a broken stick? Huh?). Being +2 in the special teams department is going to translate into wins more often than losses by a wide margin and its something I wish the Caps would do more often.

The other number that jumps out at me is Jakub Klepis' two assists. Don't look now, but Klepis has five points in his last five games for the Caps. Mark me down as an official member of the Jakub Klepis bandwagon.

Another player quietly putting together a pretty good little run is Matt Pettinger, with three points in the past two games. Semin's return to the lineup has certainly helped in terms of taking all the pressure off of the top line on offense, but I feel like Pettinger has been just as much of a factor, if not more so. (Speaking of Semin, I'm ecstatic that both his goals since returning have gone down as game winners. Not because I give any real credence to the GWG as a statistical category, but because Alex is on my fantasy team.)

Much love for Richard Zednik, who, despite the fact that some people were under the impression that he might not be able to, scored.

Lastly, I present you with this quote from Olie Kolzig, which kind of instantaneously depressed me: "It might be the last time I ever play them, too. You never know -- we don't play them next year." Sometimes I forget that there will come a day when Olie won't be our Goalie anymore.

(Editor's Note: You might not hear from me over the weekend. The play I've been working on, a.k.a. the reason I've missed the last two games, is opening this weekend and my schedule will be somewhat hectic to say the least. Sorry.)

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CapsChick said...

I refuse to believe that - Olie will always be a Cap. He'll be out there when he's 90, making great saves and breaking his walker over the back of the net... :)