Allow Me to Explain

Back in April, I entered, with much trepidation, into the scary world known as The Blogosphere. My ambitions were decidedly small. All I wanted to do was bitch and moan about how much I hate Peter Angelos, and make some crude jokes about various sports-related topics. The only rule I had for myself was that I wanted to try and keep my blog neutral, rather than turn it into a blog devoted to any specific team. To that end, I did everything I could not to spend every single entry rambling on about the Washington Capitals, to little avail.

It was right around the time that Donald Brashear's fists were opening up Vitaly Vishnevski's face that I came to realize that if I wanted to keep the Opossum-Palooza relatively free of my obsession with all things Capitals, I would need an outlet through which to channel my over-active opinioning. Thusly, "The Kevin Hatcher Fan Club" was born, regardless of the fact that there are some twenty other Capitals blogs clogging up the series of tubes known as the Interweb. Not to be confused with an actual fan club, this is simply an irreverently-named blog devoted to the neurotic ramblings of a lifelong Caps fan living in Northwest DC.

So, to those of you familiar with my "work" over at the O-P, thanks for stopping by. I promise it'll keep going at its usual torrid pace. To those of you not familiar with the O-P, head on over there, then come on back here for what will probably eventually be reduced to a series of bodily function jokes and quasi-plagiaristic recaps culled from AP reports.


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