A Look Ahead: It's All Downhill From Here

The Capitals, with their loss last night, have now lost six straight games against five different teams. Those five teams (Atlanta, Boston, Carolina, NY Islanders, Toronto) have a combined record of 62-40-16 for a .593 winning percentage. Those are pretty respectable numbers and its understandable how thet Caps could have trouble with them. Nothing to be worried about, right? Just a tough stretch of the schedule, it'll all get better...

What's that? You say the Caps' next five games are against teams with a combined 73-32-10 record for a staggering .678 winning percentage? And they have to face, in Anaheim and Buffalo, the two best teams in the entire league? Wow. This is likely to end up looking like a fight between Donald Brashear and Vitaly Vishnevski, and the Caps are definitely not Brashear in that analogy.

If you need me, I'll be visiting my shrink.

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