Worthy Causes

This is the part where I take a break from my hectic holiday schedule to take note of a few things that you've probably already seen, but I feel strongly enough about them that I think you need to see them again.

First, Caps Nut is all over the current fiasco that is the NHL's online All-Star voting. In case you haven't noticed, the general populace is horribly disrespecting Ovie and we, as Caps fans, need to do something about it.

Second, the guys over at On Frozen Blog are keeping tabs on an even more important fiascotasterastrophe, the NHL's planned sweater change. This is something that we, as hockey fans, need to make sure never actually happens. Not because we would have to look at it, but because if we ever want our sport accepted as anything other than a joke, we need to make sure the players we root for don't look like clowns out on the ice. (EDIT: They've done it again. I can't let their rant about the "O" go unnoticed.)

And last but not by any means least, something that actually matters. Because, in the grand scheme of things, all of our concerns about sports pale in comparison to real issues.

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