Fun With Buffalo Fans

As I mentioned yesterday, I missed two-thirds of yesterday's glorious triumph over the Sabres. Luckily, reader/contributor/my brother DefDude was in the stands and he sent me his account of the game (Edited for language, of course. Because The Kevin Hatcher Fan Club is, if nothing else, a family-oriented blog.):

OK, Buffalo fans, I’ll give you this much: Brett Hull’s foot definitely should not have been in the crease.

It should have been up your collective fat, arrogant [behind].

I will not regale you with tales of the epic victory the Caps claimed Saturday night. Biff has plenty of links to people who can do that far better than I. What I will explain is why Buffalo’s fans suck, and don’t ever deserve that Stanley Cup I predicted them to win on the eve of the new season. (Editor's Note: He actually picked Calgary.)

Exhibit A: Drunk idiot behind me, first encounter- So a little good natured ribbing is OK when opposing fans come to town, right? Especially when one of them is lightly talking trash before the puck even drops. Well, apparently, once the Caps lay three early goals on the board, trash talking is no longer allowed, as evidenced by the drunk idiot behind me essentially saying, “Your team is barley above .500, how dare they challenge the all-powerful, 23-2 Sabres!!!!!!! You can say nothing to me!” Yup, all powerful right up to game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. My team is winning, it’s their house, I’ll say what I want (Especially when the worst thing said was by my buddy Joel, who after a volley of insults, responded to the idiot’s exclamation “There’s so much time left on the clock, do I have to get a calculator to help you count?” with “At this rate of scoring, yes, please do.”)

Exhibit B: Drunk idiot behind me, second encounter- After Alex Ovechkin’s questionable hit on Danielle Briere, it happened to get a little heated. The idiot was laying a slew of profanities on Joel as should not have to be heard by a man in his own arena, so I suggest to him in a forceful manner that he shut up until his team can actually get within a goal of the Caps. Which prompts him to get in my face an tell me to shut the [heck] up, or else “Or else? Or else what, you hit me? O no, I might get into a fight with some idiot from Buffalo!” To which he responds by describing my appearance as that of a “Little [punk],” and how much he’d like to beat me up as it would appear I can be beaten up (For the record, while only 5’8”, I am also 165 lbs of muscle, so while I would have gotten the [heck] beaten out of me once his friends entered the fracas, I could have taken him one on one in his drunken state).

Exhibit C: Drunken idiot to my left- After giving the idiot behind me the salutary single-finger salute, the Sabres fan next to me leans over and says, “You should probably calm down.” I calmly explain to this man I’m not worried about the guy behind me hitting me. As a matter of fact, I kind of need someone to pay for my college education anyways. The guy next to me then says “No, I mean that if he hits you, I’ll back him up, because you guys have been pissing me off all night.” O, I’m sorry Mr. Buffalo fan, am I discomforting your TRIP to MY TEAM’S arena by responding to the trash that has been talked to me, in defense of the HOME TEAM? I really do want to apologize to Sabres nation for that transgression.

There was more, but those are the big hits. Other than the ones laid out during the game, which was fantastic. I love Matt Pettinger, and Danielle Briere is a little [punk] who needs to stop hooking people and start learning how to take a hit. (Editors Note: Some quotes from Daniel Briere; Last night - "It was definitely late and from behind. It's tough to say whether he deserves a suspension." Later on - "But at the same time, I’ve got to take part of the blame, too. You’ve got to protect yourself a little bit better than I did")

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