Sartorial Musings

So... I don't know if you've heard, but the Washington Capitals are switching over to new uniforms this season.

I know, I know... Please, try to contain your shock and surprise.

Anyways, I promised myself that I would wait to pass judgement on the new duds until we got confirmation that the ones that got leaked earlier this week were the real deal. As per Tarik, and now the Caps' site, we have, in fact, seen the real deal, which means it is time now for me to pass judgement...

They're alright.

I'm not especially enamored of the sweaters themselves, but I am ecstatic that they went with the stylized update of the old logo. The monstrosity of a shoulder patch is something which I'm willing to ignore. The problem is the sweater itself. Hopefully, much like with the heinous yellow pit stains on the Buffaslug sweaters last year, I'll eventually get used to the needless white panelling under the arms as well as all the garish blue piping, but if they wanted to have a mix of different colors, why not go with horizontal stripes? With any luck, once the blue pants are added into the mix it'll look a little better, as it right now is a little too much red for my taste, but with the Post article mentioning blue socks with red and white stripes, I'm not especially optimistic on that front.

All that said, these could've been alot worse. The Firebird logo with an oil can up its butt that's sitting on the shoulders could have ended up on the chest. And that, friends, would have been a sad day for us all.

UPDATE: Ack! Those socks! Also, Ack! $169.99! (In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't the slightest idea if this is actually expensive or not. I've never, technically, purchased a Capitals sweater, as I'm very good at convincing people to buy them for me for Christmas. That said, it's probably way more than I can reasonaby afford to spend. I am, after all, an actor.)


CapsChick said...

Why are you looking at the socks?? They're all going to be like that thanks to the RBK look...and I SWEAR, they're not that bad in person. You don't even notice them - or I didn't.

But maybe I was drunk; it's so hard to tell lately.

CapsChick said...

Hey...did you hear we signed a bunch of new guys?

(That's my oh-so-subtle hint to say your play is over so you have no excuse not to update...and soon. That gerbil/hamster thingy freaks me out everytime I swing by here.)