Some Quick Thoughts

On the Zubrus Trade: The Caps trade a third line winger masquerading as a first line center for a third-fourth line center masquerading as, well, a third-fourth line center and a first round pick. Good deal.

On everything else: Caps trade dead weight to free up roster space, while getting draft picks in the exchange(s). Good deal.

On the comment section of Tarik's blog: The new Darwin's Waiting Room. Or perhaps just visitors from the real thing.

I'll have some actual, well thought out thoughts later on tonight (or tomorrow morning), after I get home from the game. If you need me, I'll be down on the glass, right next to the visitors penalty box.


Smitty said...

Heh... I was down there too. Section 110, row G.

You should've heard the two behind my friend and I. You'd think we'd just traded Mark Messier in his prime. They shut up pretty quick after Ovechkin scored his first of the night. I myself was pretty astounded by the torch and pitchfork brigade on Tarik's blog this afternoon.

It doesn't take a genius to tee up shots for Alexander Ovechkin. No offense to Zubrus, I kinda liked the guy, but I'd love to see what a real 1st line center could do paired up with OV.

Biff said...

I was in 110 as well, down on the glass (four seats off from the penalty box). It was nice to have some real fans down in the corporate seats for a change, but they weren't the brightest.

Right before the Russian Machine's first goal, the guy behind me made a remark to the effect of "See? The way the team is playing means they must agree that the trades suck."