Let's Play a Game

For those of you who haven't noticed, it is still, in fact, August. It feels like it has been August for several months now. Even though training camp is less than three weeks away, the wait still feels interminably long. So, to help pass the time, I've decided to play a little game, and I encourage you to join in in the comments section. Here are the rules:

Pick one, and only one, retired former Capital whom you would most like to have on the current Caps' roster if he were still in the prime of his career. The catch? You cannot pick any player who has had his number retired, nor can you pick any player who has been, or is likely to be, inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also, once people actually start giving their picks in the comments, you can't pick a player someone else has already picked.

The first pick, of course, goes to me.


FS said...

A few months ago, it would have been Scott Stevens, but he has since gone into the hall.

Prior to signing Nylander, I would have said Adam Oates.

I guess that makes my vote Dino Ciccarelli. Unless of course Olie gets hurt, in which case I change my vote to Mike Liut.

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

Well, that depends... if you think Bondra is headed to the hall, as I do, then it would Mark Tinordi, followed by Mike Ridley, then John Druce in playoff form.

But seriously, you named your blog after Kevin Hatcher THEN PICKED ANOTHER DEFENSEMAN!!!

CapsChick said...

I would usually say Sylvain Cote just to be ornery but I guess if I'm being serious I'll go with Pat Peake...before he got hurt, of course.

Poor Pat.

Defdude said...

if we are talking about players in the prime of their careers, the obvious choice is Jim Carey. In his prime, he would have made even this defense playoff-caliber.

FS said...

Jim Carey would help this team a lot.

Unless of course, someone went top shelf on him.

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

Jim Carey.. that's pretty funny. He was great straight on, but his lateral movement had to be the worst by a goaltender I've EVER seen.

And I don't mean professional goaltenders. I mean I've never seen a peewee goalie move side to side worse than that guy.