As If Reading What I Have To Say Wasn't Bad Enough

Earlier today, Rebecca from A View From the Cheap Seats and I were guests on Allen Popels' CapitalFantic.com Show. Among the topics we discussed: Chris Clark's extension, qualifying offers for Steve Eminger and Brina Sutherby, the second wave of UFA signings, Michael Wilbon's unprovoked attack on hockey, and of course, Harry Potter. Head on over to Popels' site to listen. I think you'll find that Rebecca and I managed to mostly avoid making fools of ourselves.


Capital Fanatic said...

I think it went well and hopefully you feel the same. I would love to have you on again in the future as the season draws closer.

Shmee said...

I cant wait to hear it, I heard you guys were great!

chanuck said...

Good show! Managed to listen to the whole thing. At least until the Redskins part.